Electrical engineer

Order electrical engineering of any complexity

Electrical Contractor Fresno provides the following services:
• electrical installation and electrical repair
• electrical installation of apartments;
• electrical installation of cottages;
• electrical installation of offices;
• electrical installation of residential premises;
• electrical installation of trade objects;
• electrical installation of warehouses;
• electrical installation of industrial premises
• repair of electrical wiring in residential and industrial premises.
Electrical Engineering Service

Electrical Engineering Service

Electrical Contractor Fresno provides the following electrical engineering services:

Technical service, diagnostics, overhaul (prophylactic and current) and electronics;

Control over proper operation and operation of electronic circuits;

Make regular technical exploitation, unsuccessful work of practical electronic control.

Existing preparation of electronic-cleaning machine to work, technical observation of separate devices and equipment;

Control the parameters and reliability of the electronic elements; we conduct test checks for temporarily disabling the device, removing them.

Organize technical service of electronic techniques; we guarantee the working condition, rational use, implementation of regular and current overhaul.

Implementation of the existing control for the implementation of overhaul and examination of electronic circuit boards, for following the instructions for exploitation, technical input for them.

Take part in checking the technical condition of the electronic circuit;

Provide existing control for timely failure of electronic techniques, saving parts and materials, organizing the feeding of radio-electronic equipment.

We have been working in the electrical market since 2005. During this period, our competent and skilled team completed a huge amount of projects. Our specialized and qualified electricians completes the work of any complexity in short terms and at a reasonable price. We cooperate also with commercial and big entities.

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Repair of electrical wiring

Electrical work performed by our specialists includes the installation of power and lighting networks, electrical equipment, low-current networks, the installation of meters and electrical panels, the wiring of antennas, computer and telephone lines, household appliances and equipment, we also repair electrical wiring.

Electrical work is the main activity of our Company.

Electrical installation work is performed by experienced electrical engineers with extensive experience and the necessary qualifications.

We work only with certified, durable, electrical materials using modern, expensive equipment, which allows us to quickly and efficiently perform even the most complex electrical installation. Constant control of personnel, the quality of installation and repair of electrical wiring, the integrity of all contact connections, nodes and consumers of the Customer’s power supply scheme, guarantees the safe and uninterrupted operation of your electrical installation.

Benefits of working with our company:

  • our electricians are among the most highly qualified specialists;
  • we carry out any electrical work – we have more than 15 years of experience in implementing projects of varying degrees of complexity;
  • the visit of our electrician to the facility is completely free;
  • our offer in terms of price-quality ratio is one of the best on the market;
  • we have a flexible pricing system, as well as a system of benefits and discounts;
  • we guarantee the high quality of the work performed and provide a guarantee on them;
  • having direct contracts with the best manufacturers and suppliers of electrical materials, we provide our customers with the most profitable purchase of consumables for electrical installation;
  • we work without intermediaries, which means that our prices are as competitive as possible;
  • we always adhere to the agreed deadlines for the execution of work – we value your and our time;
  • we have built up our reputation over the years, and therefore we value it very much. There are no random people on our staff – our electricians are exclusively professionals.

We are attentive to our clients, and we express our firm confidence that you will definitely be satisfied with our work. Call now and see for yourself! Duty electricians of our company are always at your service.