Electrical installation service

Electrical installation service

Electrical Contractor Fresno offers installation and connection of electrical wires, connection of dishwashers and washing machines, boilers, installation of switches and sockets, installation of a protection system against power surges and surges, connection and installation of electrical heating systems (electric floor, ceiling and wall heaters), restoration of the power system, and others. Our electricians not only have practical skills in performing the required amount of work, but also implement detailed calculation, professional consultation, and work fast but efficiently.

Sockets installation

In most houses or apartments, there is an urgent need to install, repair, transfer and replace sockets, extremely necessary operations, since they are installed in regular places, they can hardly be convenient for a person. To solve this problem, Electrical Contractor Fresno has provided this service.

The list of these services includes the following list of operations carried out by our competent specialists:

  • Dismantling of old sockets and replacement with new ones (with internal or external design);
  • Installation operations (cable laying, making grooves inside brick, gypsum, concrete walls, making a mounting recess for installing an outlet, and so on);
  • Troubleshooting outlets;
  • Checking the functionality of the installed equipment.

During home repairs or power-related breakdowns, the most demanded service is the installation of sockets and switches. The Electrical Contractor Fresno service specialists will replace and install any electrical device on a variety of surfaces, even in difficult situations.

Qualified help from experienced professionals

You can use our services both in Fresno and in the region. An on-call electrician will ensure not only the reliable functionality of electrical appliances, but also the safety of your home. Our experienced specialists know everything about power grids, such as where installation of devices is prohibited, at what level switches should be placed. Besides, we provide a quick response, professional work by the most reasonable prices in the region.

As a rule, the installation of sockets and switches is performed for two types of wiring: open and hidden. Indoor or overhead appliances will be installed accordingly. The process includes several stages:

  • Accurate niche formation;
  • Laying of socket boxes;
  • Contact connection of wires;
  • Directly connecting devices.

We also work with commercial clients. Our professional team is ready to perform work of any complexity and within a reasonable period. We value your time, so our operators are always in touch, our electricians will arrive at a convenient time for you, and can also make urgent repairs or replacements.

Fresno Electrical Contractor

Cable lying

Electrical Contractor Fresno suggests electrical services in Fresno and nearby areas.

Cable laying is one of the main services of our company.

Our experts have highlighted the most common and most important aspects in cable laying.

Basic cable routing methods

Cable laying is one of the main processes in carrying out construction and electrical work. There are several options for cable routing. Depending on the requirements of the project, technical specifications, installation can be carried out openly, supports of power lines, walls, ceilings of buildings, trays, metal structures. Hidden cable laying is carried out in the ground, channels of building structures, pipes laid during the design and installation of houses, behind impassable suspended ceilings, in grooves (grooves of walls) during repair and reconstruction. Depending on the category of the object, operating conditions, various options for open cable laying are prescribed.

  • Fastening the cable with staples to building structures;
  • Laying the cable in a corrugated pipe (corrugation) and metal hose;
  • In steel pipes, electrical pipes of various types;
  • Laying in a cable channel, electrical skirting boards and plat bands;
  • Installation of cable on metal trays.

However, from a safety and aesthetic point of view, concealed cable routing is preferable in most cases.

  • Laying the cable in the channels of building structures;
  • In monolithic pipes during the construction of buildings and structures;
  • Laying the cable in the grooves (grooves of the walls) of the repaired and reconstructed objects;
  • In the floor preparation layer;
  • Cable installation behind non-passable suspended ceilings.

Our Company has a staff of qualified employees with the necessary experience in the field of cable laying and other electrical works. We implemented dozens of successful projects.

Hidden cable routing in grooves (wall grooves)

Our experts will tell about advantages and disadvantages of hidden cable routing

When carrying out repairs or reconstruction of residential, office, retail, entertainment or industrial facilities, it is often difficult to lay the cable hidden, through existing channels. Designers and designers offer solutions based on the wishes of customers, technical specifications and the requirements of modern safety standards. We always take into account your preferences. Concealed cable routing is the most common way of installing cable networks. A properly laid hidden cable has many advantages. The lack of direct access by outsiders, fire safety, and the aesthetic side also plays an important role. Due to our experience, the only drawback of hidden cable routing is the manufacture of grooves (grooves in the wall) for laying. Our service has been engaged in hidden cable laying for more than fifteen years. The equipment used by our company, vast experience allows you to cut grooves for laying cables in any materials, plaster, plaster, brick, concrete, and reinforced concrete, natural and artificial stone.

Permanent cable routing in grooves

In some cases, the cable is laid directly in the groove, followed by sealing with mortar or gypsum. However, our professional experts will manage the project of any type and complexity. During 15 years in the market, we found the solutions event in the most difficult cases.

We provide a huge range of services, from laying cables to connecting all household appliances. Our staff includes only experienced and qualified specialists, who are able to carry out work of any complexity. If you have any questions or you decided to use the services of our company, call us 24/7 at the following number or leave an online application.