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Electrical Contractor Fresno is the leading company, providing a large spectrum of electrical services in Fresno and nearby areas. Our professional team works fast but efficiently. Among other provided services we suggest also home remodeling services or relocation.
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Reasons for the power grid remodeling

As part of the relocation, we can move the external power grid located in your area, for example, an overhead line, cable line or substation, to another location. It is also possible during the movement to replace the overhead line passing through the territory with an underground cable.


Wiring remodeling

Wiring in an apartment or in a private home is a constant constraint on the power supply of existing electrical appliances. Therefore, worn out, non-comprehensible modern technical engineering communications need to be changed. Electricity comes out of the line, the price of electricity easily becomes a heating or ordering a long-term tax.

Our company implements wiring, remodeling and many other electrical works in a neighborhood or home. The cost of our services is not high and the high quality of the completed work is guaranteed.

 Each had an electrical safety clearance. The main guarantee of the reliability of the power grid is the accurate calculation of the distribution of the total power of the loads on the electric wires, the reliability of installation and connecting elements, the choice of the type of wiring and the switchboard with fuses, which bear the full responsibility for timely disconnection in case of overloads in the power grid.

Our experts differentiate the most common reasons to change or remodel the conductor:

  • Extensive Exploitation of Electricity (all 30 years).
  • There should be a bigger rosette, locker, spread to lock the eastern world. Lamps and rosettes often heal in the repair;
  • Frequent snatching or pulling of electricity. This can be a sign of the amount of electricity, and it can be a trivial problem in the installation of concrete rosettes, but we have rarely encountered similar cases.

If you decide to replace or remodel old wires, it is better to turn to our hopeful service, where qualified workers work.

If you have problems in the diagnostics of current conductors, no knowledge, to avoid further risks just call the experienced electricians of our Service masters. Our call operators are available 24/7. We have flexible visit schedule, so our electricians will come at a convenient for you time with all the necessary equipment.

All work after the replacement of electrical cables and conductors is done by assembling schemes of electrical exchanges.

Before the commencement of all works we prepare a plan for the installation of electrical appliances.

In case of necessities, a place is determined for additional institutions;

Production of disassembly units, recording of locking parts, rosette;

Produce disassembly of old wires. In case of a change in the current mood of the rosette, the walls will be strung under the conductor;

Electricity is declared on a new (modified) channel in the wall and is connected to a distribution channel.

New conductor is ground and plastered, hidden in the wall;

Installable sockets, switches or lights;

Electrical accessories locking and checking wiring harnesses.

We implement not only remodeling, but also offer a wide range of services. Our skilled and licensed electricians are always ready to help. We work on even weekends. Save your time and money with our most reliable Service.

Changing the location of the connection box

At your request, our well-experienced electricians can change the location of the connection panel on your property. This may be necessary, for example, if the existing one is located on the site of the planned new gate. We take into account our clients’ wishes and will discuss the new location in the course of the work.

Changing the location of the connection point

If the main fuse and meter of your house are inside, and the connection point is located on the suspended mast of the overhead line, on the wall or roof of the house, then, you can order relocation of the connection point, during which our competent staff will install a new connection panel and the main a fuse at the border of the object, as well as replace the overhead line with a cable one. Changing the location of the connection point may be required when demolishing an old house and building a new one, if the main fuse with a meter was previously inside the old building.

You can get these and many other electrical services in our reliable Company. If you need high quality-remodeling services, just give us a call or make an online appointment.